Aren’t you always ready for a great summertime pool party? Unfortunately, your home may not be! Summertime is the perfect opportunity to invite over your neighbors, friends and family, and enjoy the cool water and sunny days. While the mention of a pool party sounds inviting, it isn’t always stress free if you don’t have a plan in mind. Follow these tips to prepare your home for a summertime pool party, and help you enjoy the festivities at the same time.

  • All eyes on the pool area: Before you send out one invitation or call to spread the news, ensure your pool area is ready for guests. This means ensuring your pool is clean and debris free from leaves, fallen branches and bugs. Ensure patio furniture is in good condition and you have ample seating for your guests. Ensure the pool deck, and walking areas are clear of all obstructions, and that your pool area shows off your outdoor home in its best light.
  • Plan out what activities your guests will enjoy: To ensure your pool party guests have all the amenities they need, you need to assess what activities they will partake in. Recreational activities that require equipment should be easily accessible, and ample room should be considered for multiple activities at the same time. If your pool area is small, consider limiting the large space activities, and have a variety of mingling and sit-down activities at lounge chairs and tables.  Ask guests when inviting them if they have recreational equipment such as beach balls, pool volleyball net, and swim floating devices they bring of their own. This will ensure everyone has plenty to do.
  • Plan for food preparation and dining areas: Depending on your pool and food preparation area will help dictate how much activity will be held for eating and getting the food ready. For those of you who have a summer kitchen, counter space and prep area is already factored in. You still should consider a mingling area for guests to enjoy the ambiance, music and pool of the entire event. For smaller pool areas, consider having food catered or utilize your indoor kitchen for food setup and preparation. Either way, plan out preparation, display, dining, and disposable areas for the eating by partygoers.
  • Ensure adequate lighting for evening entertaining: While your party may start off in the warm summer sun, it may end well after the sun sets. Plan in advance how you will light walking areas such as pathways to and from the main house, as well as landscape lighting for ambiance and safety. In food preparation and dining areas, consider using lanterns, lighting hung from the trees and even string lights around canopies, and umbrellas can add beauty and much needed light. For more intimate gatherings, candlelight put throughout leisure areas will create the perfect summer evening ambiance.

Your summertime pool party has just been made that much easier with these helpful tips.  For an extra flair, consider having a themed pool party with specialty cocktail drinks, themed menu items, and fun party games and favors for guests to take home with them. If you can dream it, make your guests have an enjoyable time at your pool party. Who knows, they may get wonderful ideas from yours, and invite you to their home pool party next!

Freshome readers have you been to any fabulous pool parties lately? We’d love to hear about them.