L71 House was designed by studio Office AT and is located on the northeastern side of Bangkok, Thailand. Modern and elegant, the residence stands out due to an interesting architecture, a clean interior design and a generous pool with palm trees. Here is more on the project’s structure from the architects: “All of the house programs such as 4 bedrooms, dining room, and family room are placed along the site to face the North. Since the owners have occasional parties, the public areas, such as living room and parking, are in the front of the house, and the private areas are in the back of the house along with a swimming pool. The living room mass was extended to create private space for the swimming pool and the second floor mass was extended to create shading for the swimming pool and terrace. If the house is designed as one big mass it will block ventilation and natural light, so in this house each room is split to maximize ventilation and natural light”. The total costs for building this residence were  13 million Baht, which converts to $420,000 USD.