Whether you are trying to add more character to your interiors, or you need more light next to your bedside, wall sconces are the perfect solution for your home. Lighting is always an area of our homes that gets neglected, although it is one of the most utilitarian as well as an aesthetically simple addition to your interiors that you can add. Wall sconces can make your room more functional and provide needed lighting for dark areas and corners.  Here are tips for bringing stunning wall sconces into your home, and brightening those areas that you almost forgot about.

  • Adding lighting without the cords: In the past, lighting was reserved for those areas that we could reach an electrical outlet for the cord, and therefore lighting was limited. Sure, the overhead lighting was an option, but for small niches, corners, and hard to reach lighting areas, they were left dark until recently when lighting wall sconces have become the trend for interior design. Hardwired lighting sconces make the hard-to-light areas of your home disappear, and now hallways, entryways, and those dark corners can be beautifully lit!
  • Architectural statements: Instead of thinking of your lighting only for function, add architectural drama and detailing to your interiors with wall sconces. From modern and minimalistic designed fixtures to traditional and ornate styling, wall sconces can introduce or carry out your architectural themes throughout your home. Don’t think that architectural elements are reserved for your physical home only. On the contrary, carrying out the same design elements in your wall sconce lighting fixtures, plumbing fixtures, and door hardware can pull your interiors together effortlessly.
  • Bring whimsical appeal to your room: Lighting opportunities abound, especially when it comes to wall sconces. While you may only think of lighting sources to help you perform tasks, such as reading, they can also be used to add whimsical appeal to your room. Fabric shade wall sconces that have pin holes in them, can give a ‘starry’ room affect in a dark room, and sconces with multiple colored lighting can set different moods in your space. While lighting sconces are popular for the light they emit, they are often used for making your room have a touch of fun and whimsical appeal.
  • Outdoor lighting sconces: Lighting for your outdoor home is just as, if not more important for safety, security, and to add architectural details to walkways, porches, and entertaining spaces. Consider using wall sconces that hold candles or faux candles for entertaining spaces. Depending on the style of your outdoor home, several lighting manufacturers make use of lighting lines that have fixtures that match your garage, front entry, and even landscape areas. This is a no-brainer way to make your outdoor home have a unified look without having to spend laborious hours choosing fixtures. Outdoor lighting sconces are ideal for adding directional lighting to architectural features on your home as well.

Incorporating wall lighting sconces in your home can maximize your space, and add additional light in areas that you forgot about. Consider using wall sconces in kid’s rooms and recreational areas of your home, to keep cords out of the way of tripping hazards. From the aesthetic and visual appeal of wall sconces, to the functional practicality, you will love finding new places in your home to utilize them.

Freshome readers, share with us where you utilize wall lighting sconces in your home!