Looking at the Cell Brick House from the outside makes you wonder how the interiors of this amazing architectural building are shaped. The skin of the house is what makes it so special. It displays a fascinating pattern of holes that rise up from a pebble-covered base. Small steel boxes were placed one on top of the next to shape a rectangular block that shelters the interior living spaces. Atelier Tekuto, the designers of the Cell Brick House, describe their challenges: “The first was to combine opposing architectonics; the masonry structure which is the origin of the building technique and the skin structure which I have been trying on my projects. And the second was to innovate something that equips structure, function and heat environment altogether.” By combining specific measurements for the steel bricks, the architects were able to ensure the interiors will have the right temperature and sunlight all year round. By covering the bricks with a heat resistant ceramic-infused coating, the house is protected from overheating. The interiors are brought to life by the personal belongings of the inhabitants, displayed on the special shelves. This creates an interesting personalized space that can become a little overwhelming at times. All in all, the residence is a step further in the way we look at residential architecture.