Have you ever noticed that pillows on a couch are like the icing on a cake, and if they aren’t perfect the couch looks odd? While many people don’t think much about throw or decorative pillows, they accessorize your couch and make it look complete.  Depending on your individual design style, or style of couch, choosing pillows can be a challenge. Here are tips to outfit your sofa with pillows that match your design style and ensure a well-put together seating area.

  • Let your design style shine through: In past years, pillows were thought to only be a place to carry out the same material color as the rest of the couch, and were more for comfort than an accent. In today’s interiors pillows should reflect you and your design style. From eclectic variations of different patterns and colors to varying sizes and shapes, let yourself show through! If you decide to use an eclectic approach, consider using colors within the same color palette or choose a fabric and pull colors from it, so the look is still harmonized but unique to your home.
  • Add drama with your pillows: Accent pillows are a beautiful way to add a statement without saying a thing. For dark colored couches and sumptuous fabrics, consider the less-is-more approach and pick a few dramatic pillows with a bold pattern, subtle details, or an eye-popping complimentary color to the couch. If you’re looking for a wow factor, pair up colors that are opposite of each other to draw the eye to the couch immediately.
  • How much does your couch want to say: For some homes, the couch is the main act of the room and it doesn’t want to compete with any other piece of furniture. If you have an awe-inspiring couch that doesn’t need competition, consider using understated pillows that will add comfort, but will blend into the couch and it’s surroundings. Remember, your style of your room is up to you, decide what role you want your couch to play, and then have your pillows follow suit.
  • Share your creativity: While many pillows are designer labeled and use the finest of textiles and ornamentation, some pillows need not be. In fact, if you are a crafts person and enjoy making your own pillows, your couch is the perfect place to showcase them! From creative knitted pillows to ones that resemble boulders or stones, your couch is where you relax and entertain guests. Have your pillows tell something about you as well as your home. The couch doesn’t always have to look like it’s in a museum!

Creative uses of throw or decorative pillows on your couch can alternate, and doesn’t have to stay static. Especially for seasonal ideas, consider changing them out for holidays, formal occasions, or just because. The beauty of pillows is that they can be affordable, or they can be luxurious. Either way, it gives you a chance to bring in a new aesthetic into your living room, without having to buy a whole new couch! Use these helpful tips in letting your pillows speak volumes about your couch and you.

Freshome readers what type of cool pillows adorn your couch?