When you are on the lookout for the perfect washbasin for your bathroom and you stumble upon the Motif Basin by Omvivo, you can’t ignore its contemporary design. Consider its modern shape when you want to remodel your bathroom and have no idea where to start from. The exceptional design of the Motif Basin will inspire you to choose the right colours and finishes for your bathroom if you take into account the limitless design options that can accentuate such a fantastic washbasin design. The serenity expressed by the basin’s elegant blue glass bottom, hand-etched in three patterns – Pebble, Kaleidoscope and Forest – express an optimist approach to bathroom design. The simple palette and exceptional motifs make the basin the focal point of the bathroom and convey a sense of brilliant relaxation to the bathroom’s interior design. The ornamental design of the glass is complemented by a white strip surrounding it, creating a perfectly round shape that emphasizes the bottomless effect. My favourite washbasin so far, the Motif Basin reminds me of the outdoor freedom of a clear water pond.