It’s been a while since we featured a genuine rustic crib on Freshome. This delightful residence, located in he historical region of Empordà, in Girona, Spain, seems like the perfect place for tranquility. Its original traditional details and raw materials make one forget all about the crowded city life. Believe it or not, this home was initially built in the fourteenth century and still showcases some of the details of its original architecture, even after its recent renovation. Found on micasa, this charming crib displays many inspiring elements for those of you who are into vintage interiors. We particularly like the bedroom, even though it reminds us of a solitary sleeping room sprung out of medieval times. Notice the originality of the bedside table and headboard as well as the way they blend in with the rest of the decor. The walls of stone and mortar have been very well preserved. A unique living area was improvised outdoors and consists of plenty of playful cushions and light furniture. Enjoy!