This idea sounds like so much fun! A comfortable sofa that takes you from one place to another, shows you around town and offers unforgettable sights alongside your love, best friend or parent, can be one of the best seating/visiting ideas. Designer Jacek Holubowicz visualized the concept of “Bike Date” as a natural response to the growing interest for bikes and the everlasting need for love. Presented during the International Design Festival Berlin 2011, the Sofa Bike found on Design Boom has all the technical features necessary for “a walk to remember”: two separated 8-gear hubs, a handle bar that operates the hydraulic brakes and dynamic chain steering for manoeuvres. Two additional bolsters ensure different heights for different sized people to make sure that anyone who tries the Sofa Bike has a pleasant experience. The folding roof protects users from harsh sunlight and the sound system completes the features of the Sofa Bike. Scroll down to see two pictures of the bike during construction and a video of how the Sofa Bike works.