Checkland Kindleysides were recently challenged by Timberland ( the famous outdoor clothing sports brand) to create their new store in Westfield London. The original project communicates the brand’s personality as well as its environmental values. Here are some words from the designers: “Taking cues from the Timberland logo and the dynamic tree-like roof supports which form the architecture of the centre, we created a lattice of reclaimed timber branches that stretch the full 25m length of the side elevation, the 11m storefront and the 8.5m height of the store, wrapping the store in the brand’s iconic logo. The façade creates such a strong brand statement that the fret cut steel signage merely acts as endorsement that this is Timberland. This store provides a perfect example of what we stand for as a brand,” commented Ales Kernjak, Head of Store Design and Visual Marketing. “It reflects our heritage in craftsmanship, our relationship to the outdoors, as well as our environmental values in action.” Timberland fans across the world, what is your verdict?