An impressive, modern golf and club house rises in Jeollanam-do (South Jeolla), South Korea. The Green Weaving Club House spreads over 5,670 square meters, but the building had to be built on a long and narrow site. This challenged the designers, Hyunjoon Yoo Architects, and they created a fantastic place where golf connoisseurs can enjoy modern facilities in a contemporary setting. The necessities almost overwhelmed the capacity of the site – if the building had been built like any other usual golf club, the rooms would have spread over 100 meters, cutting the golf course into half. So the architects decided to construct a shorter version of the building, with gaps in-between the volumes, creating apparent green passageways. Inspired by interwoven bamboo strips, all the rooms of the building – lobby, locker room, spa – celebrate the connection they have with nature. Ivy and slow- growing Pachysandra terminalis with glossy green leaves cover some of the exterior walls, creating exceptional green walls and creating an eco-friendly feature. The building becomes both architecturally beautiful and energy efficient. How many golf clubs can pride themselves on having such a contemporary design?