Propaganda Hair Salon was designed by Becky Jeanes from Dick Clark Architecture and is located Austin, Texas. The place has a very youthful feel and looks quite inviting. Here is a description from the designers:  “Walnut cabinets along the outer walls consolidate varying programmatic needs into one continuous design element and delineate individual spaces within the open plan.  Reception, retail display, makeup artist, stylist stations, color technicians, dressing rooms and smock closet all integrate into the language of the cabinets as they transform through the space. The shampoo area, implied by a dropped wood ceiling and sheer curtains, provides a serene environment remote from the activity of the stylist area.  Auxiliary spaces – break room, restrooms, and office – appear as tall white volumes to create gallery-like walls for photographic display.  Below an open ceiling and exposed building systems, a textured spine connects the two entrances and highlights the open plan with a dramatic perspective“. We really appreciate the friendly and open atmosphere this unusual hair salon inspires and are looking forward to your opinions on this project.