We do not know if it was the harmony of the harp or its unmistakable, delightful sounds that inspired this design. What we can tell for sure is that Arpa Chair by Spanish artist-designer Jaime Hayon has an intriguing metallic support that could naturally make one think of musical strings. Imposing in size and appearance, this chair found on Blog Deco Design brings a unique personality to any modern interior and becomes the focal point of the room it is placed in. According to the producers, this piece of furniture “reinvents the classic club wing armchair as a sculptural form. With a curvaceous metal skeleton, the Arpa is inspired by the harp. Made from lacquered steel in different widths, the Arpa’s upholstered seat includes a layer of feather for extra comfort, creating a counterpoint between the hard structure and the soft seating”. We are looking forward to your impressions on this “musical chair”; how would you blend it in a modern decor?