Take a look at the Verner Panton System 1-2-3 chairs. Now look again and tell me if it is not one of the most beautiful and elegant chair you have ever seen. This striking chair design was created by Verpan. The Danish manufacturer specialized in lighting fixtures turned to creating furniture and I’m glad they did. By using sketches from Verner Panton’s archives, they revamped the design and used modern materials to recreate the 1973 chair. Its undulating shape and striking design is completed by either even or tight Capitone decorative stitching. The main feature of this chair design is its gorgeous curved lines: “The chairs should also have a simple and natural design, so they could fit into any environment as a functional element.”The classy chair is available in four colours. From any angle you look at it, the Verner Panton System 1-2-3 chairs look like they could fit in anywhere and become the focal point of a room. It feels like you should ask yourself not if you should own one of these chairs, but how many of them should you buy.