For those of you who love games or have kids, this next rug can be a creative salvation from boring monochrome rugs. The NES Nintendo Controller Rug has the same shape and colour combination of the original controller. Made from soft yarn and with plush fleece edging, the retro rug can be the perfect gift for someone who intensely enjoyed the Nintendo games or even for yourself. Even your kid can benefit from an old-school design that caressed you own childhood or teen years. Designed by United States-based WTCrafts, the fun and functional controller rug is a soft and comfortable reminder of how simple things used to be. Use the rug to improve your game room overall look or place it at the foot of your children’s beds to offer them a journey to the past. Found on Incredible Things, the controller rug caught our attention instantly. Measuring 28.5 inches wide and 13 inches tall, the NES Nintendo Controller Rug can be ordered from the designer’s Etsy Shop for $59. Now let’s see, how many Nintendo games fans do we have among our readers?