The Replay Store in Florence has a unique green design developed by Vertical Garden Design. Collaborating with the designers from Studio 10, the vertical design firm managed to design an unusually creative store. The new concept store benefits from a 7 meters high L-shaped wall and has been built according to sustainable criteria. The ecological theme of the 3-storey boutique was inspired by the undergrowth of a temperate forest that can be found not far from Florence but it has many tropical plants that can withstand the conditions of an indoor environment. Nestled between fresh greenery, the products seem to be part of nature and explore its quintessence. The reconstruction of the space was a challenge for the people working on the project. Using natural air conditioning and geothermal heating systems and being lit by LED lights, the store explores a new way of thinking about retail. Because the plants need space and light, only few plants can adapt to the specific Replay environment: “Usually, not too many solitary species are necessary to give the garden a distinct character, and actually a sparse use of these plants may better bring out their unique qualities.” We expect to see more and more retail designs that offer alternatives to the classic stores and have a deep respect for nature.