The Mount Baker Residence in Seattle, Washington is one of the best works of Pb Elemental Architecture. Featuring a narrow and tall structure, the house unveils a dynamic urban character. Situated on a steep sloped terrain, the house’s architecture makes use of the environment instead of fighting it. Tall, column-like windows on the sides of the house capture framed views and steal a few sunbeams. Reaching up for the sky, the 2,470 square feet home features four bedrooms and two and a half baths. A large open plan living room connects the outside world to the family life and gathers friends and family around the coffee table. From the roof terrace, a clear panorama of the surroundings can be enjoyed at dusk. The architects explain the correlation between the volumes and materials used for the facade: “The structure was conceived as the juxtaposition of three pure volumes, each containing a unique programmatic element. Each element is emphasized by material cladding; cedar panel, cement board, concrete, and marine plywood.” The very glossy and presentable pictures show the house in a great light maybe because they were taken right before the house went on the market. But the architecture can serve as inspiration for those of you who like a narrow house typology.