As the concern for saving the Earth’s resources grow larger, and the need to preserve and cultivate new green methods grows greater, many homeowners are finding a home office a good way to ‘go green’. For some people going green refers to their physical home office environment, and using practices that are saving Earth’s precious resources, while for others it means opting to stay and work from home, instead of driving or using transportation to work. Whichever is your take on ‘going green’; here are tips for how your home office can help you and the environment.

  • A home office can save money & resources: Depending on where you live in approximation to your work, a zero energy and money commute to work may be ideal for you. Saving money on gas, public transportation fare, and less fumes and dangerous emissions from vehicles can be the benefit of having a home office. If you live close to local resources such as grocery and coffee shops, a quick walk to these in the morning can still help you get fresh air, while still returning to your home to work for the day.
  • Green your home office environment: Just because you opt for a home office doesn’t mean it needs to be stuck into a dark corner of your home. Choose an area of your home that has natural light, and if possible views to the outdoors and ability to receive fresh air. Use solvent and chemical free products and cleaners in your home when cleaning, so you don’t inhale these products while working for hours in your home office. Opt for Energy Star rated (in the United States) or other government rated energy saving program electronics and office equipment in your home office.
  • Choose office furniture that is eco-friendly: When planning out your home office area, consider using office furniture that is eco-friendly and doesn’t emit VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds). Instead of using particleboard – which is used by many self-assembly furniture manufacturers, opt for recycled metal or sustainable wood office furniture.  Use furniture that has been painted with non-toxic finishes and consider repurposing furniture in your home for new uses.
  • Opt for saving office supplies: Let’s face it, when most of us work at our bosses’ office, office supply conservation isn’t usually a high priority. While opting to work from home, you will now realize the importance of conserving office supplies.  One easy way to save is to try and go paperless in your daily regimen. Whether it is doing your bills, invoices, electronic communications, etc… The internet, social media, and email has made it easier to keep records electronically, rather than having filing drawers filled with paper that also take up valuable space in your home.  Consider utilizing your smart phone, organization apps, and “cloud” records retaining services to keep your files handy, and to save your home from being a paper waste pile from needless files.

Your home office can help you ‘go green’ without having to make a huge sacrifice to do so. Even if your work lifestyle will only allow you to telecommute a few days out of the week, it will save you money, and may help you mentally recharge for the days you do go into the office. Follow these tips for helping your home office become a viable option for helping the Earth and you!

Freshome reader’s, how many of you have opted for a greener lifestyle by choosing to work from home?