The original looking Tang Palace Restaurant was designed by Chinese company Atelier FCJZ and is located in Hangzhou, China. Located at the top level of a giant store, the place has an impressive 9-meter high story height and good views of the city. According to the architects, bamboo was the main element used to personalize the restaurant: “The original building condition has a core column and several semi-oval blocks which essentially disorganized the space. Hence, our design wants to reshape the space with a large hollowed-out ceiling which is made from interweaved thin bamboo boards; and extending from the wall to the ceiling. The waved ceiling creates a dramatic visual expression within the hall. The hollowed-out bamboo net maintains the original story height and thereby creates an interactive relation between the levels. We also wrapped the core column with light-transmitting bamboo boards to form a light-box, which transforms the previously heavy concrete block into a light and lively focus object.” Looks appetizing?