We received an impressive interior design project from Jane Lee on behalf of LIMITless, a company based in Toronto. We invite you to go through the photos and the official description and share your opinions: “When designing a space, it’s important to try not to follow other existing styles or fashions. One will eventually feel the shortcomings of a single design style. A good living space should be created with a style that you feel comfortable with. The design style should not be loud and obnoxiously displayed in your living space but it should be subliminally showcased through every inch of the room itself. A good interior designer should know that every element within the room has to harmoniously create the space. No object or color should clash with other objects. When the designs can be brought into one space and reflect a single aesthetic approach, the interior designer’s ability is praised. In this particular project the designer’s main objective was to create the space that illustrated the LIMITless lifestyle within the style that the home owner wanted. As any other interior design, the comfort and usability of each space had to be considered. On the other hand, the extravagant Victorian aesthetics had to be economically planned throughout the entire home.

For starters, the LIMITLESS designer used a white, gray-blue and purple color scheme to create a romantic yet elegant atmosphere. It reflects the city’s avant-garde style mashing together with classical elements: elaborate hanging chandeliers, simple art glasses in the wall and altogether enhanced by the strong three-dimensional textured wall of the dining room creating visual dynamics within one space. No space is wasted in this room. There is enough visual and physical space between each element, and as a whole the rooms serves its purpose with personalized furnishings and accessories that do not distract the viewer’s eyes. The flexible and creative skills of the designer let the gaudy gold mirror and the gold box on the table accommodate the French avant-garde Eyres sofa in this living room. The elegant dark colored classical but modern wallpaper behind the TV grounds the flamboyant look. When you look at every object, like the retro phone or the lamps, the space could well be a disastrous mix of kitschy items. However, with the skillful designer’s touch, this space could become a complex work of art with a calming sensation of beauty.”