Looking at this house from the street, you would never guess what beautiful contemporary interior it hides. The Capps Residence was designed by Poteet Architects, a studio located in San Antonio, Texas. Using light and a series of contemporary furniture pieces, the architects beautifully arranged a house that had a lot of potential. The historic building was slightly reconfigured, but retained its old charm. At the backside of the house an addition was replaced with a kitchen on the first floor and a new master bath above. The inhabitants are collectors of contemporary art and the residence was transformed to suit their needs: the restored plaster walls in white and the floors in ebony were accentuated by museum quality lighting. Bold colours and elegant accents express the owners’ preferences throughout the house. The master closet and bath are merged and form a flowing space dominated by the black closet island and the large shower tiled in four colours of blue. The different accents and furnishings are imported from different countries, so you can clearly see a melting pot of quality styles. Enjoy the photos!