Japanese architecture studio Yoshichika Takagi has completed the House I located in Akita City, Japan. With an undeniable inspirational architecture, the building lies in the middle of an urban area, surrounded by large commercial buildings. As you can see from the pictures, privacy was a problem when designing this structure. The architects had to be careful to keep a balance between the private parts of the residence and the public spaces. The interior of the building was thus created as a balanced and carefully studied space composition, with a semi-enclosed floor plan that protects the privacy of the inhabitants. The main rooms of the house – kitchen, bathroom, shower room, bedroom and storage – received a box-like enclosure, protected by exterior volumes that serve as courtyards and passageways. Windows were installed on the walls overlapping each other and the final result looks like a combination of facing mirrors. Neutral colours and a lot of natural light complete the architecture of this amazing residence.