Who would have thought that containers will serve much more than their original purpose? Industrial designer Debbie Glassberg says she is driven by design and this is what helped her overcome ordinary architecture. Debbie Glassberg’s home is a 2,600 square feet structure made of five shipping containers that has a rather unusual appearance. Located in Kansas City, the extraordinary dwelling has it all: space, light and life. Featuring a white galley kitchen with energy efficient appliances as the heart of the house, Debbie’s home welcomes guests with a radiant ambiance and offers moments of admiration. Other rooms on the first floor have the same open floor plan as the bedrooms upstairs. On the roof of her new residence, Debbie grows a rooftop edible garden. The produce is stocked in an almost invisible pantry, protected by a large, white sliding door, as you can see in the first video below. Apart from having a green roof, the residence also features geothermal heating, plant foam insulation and some passive solar. The good news is that Debbie will be constructing homes for anyone interested. Her project, Home Contained, is one that could turn into a large scale industry, especially if the construction costs are lower than average. Would you live in a container home?