ONY Architecture have completed the Sawyer Loft, a 1,500 square foot loft space in the Leather District of Boston.  Here is the project description from the designers: “The scope of the project consisted of ren-ovation of the kitchen, an addition of an office/guest bedroom, creating a multi-functional storage wall, and general improvements to the space. Minimalist white concrete and brick walls and ceiling illuminated by ample natural light through generously sized windows create a contrast with the warm, rich, material utilized for flooring and other finishes. The dark American Walnut flooring is matched by the structural grided shelving of the storage unit. The same warm material is used as a countertop as it drapes over the island, and forms the foundation and support for the translucent paneling of the guest bedroom/office. The Walnut grided shelving is wrapped with a skin of multi-layered Birch plywood to enclose certain storage spaces, and reveals other sections for book and artifact storage.”