Design agency Concern in collaboration with de Architekten Cie designed the office interior for ZLTO (Southern Agriculture and Horticulture Organization) in Den Bosch, the Netherlands. Here is a short project description from the architects: “The building gives ZLTO a modern presence, with the facade reminiscent of waving fields of grain and barns,whilst at the same time being a state-of-the-art, representative office building; an embassy for agriculture with a clubhouse atmosphere. By situating vast open spaces with stairwells along the elevation, visual contact is possible between all floors. These spaces function as informal meeting places, helping to promote and stimulate the new world of work. The entrance projects a warm welcome to the visitor with its comfortable informal atmosphere; leather sofas in combination with an open fireplace illustrate the ZLTO approach. The restaurant extends an invitation to enjoy lunch, and the long wooden benches encourage interaction and conversation. Multi-tasking work points furnished with printing and copying facilities also function as informal gathering points and are located throughout the building. The expressive timber roof structure, complemented by the arched vertical window bands, imparts character to the clubhouse.”