In our busy lives, the ability to create a relaxing and inviting home for us to unwind is essential to a healthy home. Creating a space that has natural fibers, nature inspired colors and awe-inspiring interiors is what a relaxing Zen environment is all about. If you are tired of feeling stressed out and overworked, creating Zen inspired interiors will make you forget your worries, and relish in relaxation and peace.  Here are tips for adding relaxing Zen inspired decor to your home.

  • Uniting the outdoors with the indoors: Zen inspired decor is largely based on creating the union between the outdoors and the indoors. By using natural finishes such as cork, seagrass, bamboo, wood and plant materials, blurring the line between your outdoors and your interiors can create a peaceful space that you will love to retreat to daily. Take advantage of large windows in your home to bring the outdoor views inside and to mimic colors of the outdoors in your space.
  • Natural colors are relaxing: Whether the cool blue ocean or the airy sky are your inspiration, or the sage green plants and sand tones of the nearby brook are more your style, natural colors are relaxing. They can uplift, relax, or transport your mind to far away places that make you be imaginative and creative. Bring in natural colors into your living, dining, and family rooms to relax your guests and your family. Consider using softer pastel or muted color versions for bathrooms and bedrooms.
  • Bringing Zen details to your exterior: Minimalistic architecture lines and strong wood, concrete and natural materials can make the exterior of your home feel just as relaxing and inviting as your living room. Consider using a Zen garden to spend time outdoors with relaxing waterfalls, ponds and seating areas to bring nature and peace to your property. Zen detailing can also be reflected in lush greenery, Asian sculptures, and large boulders placed amongst sand to create wonderful meditation areas of your outdoor home.
  • Find what relaxes you, and bring it into your space: The term “Zen Interiors” has been synonymous with luxury spas and resorts that evoke a sense of relaxation, and devote the interior spaces to helping people find inner peace. Find what relaxes you and bring it into your home. From soft music and nature filled artwork, to decorating with artisan baskets and Asian inspired sculptures around your bathroom and bedroom. A Zen inspired home will lead you to a sense of connecting with nature, and also connecting with your inner self. Find what is inspiring, and build your interiors around them.

One of the advantages of creating a Zen inspired decor is it gives you an excuse to have to relax, slow down, and breathe in the atmosphere of your home. If you are looking for inspiration, search the internet for interiors of spas, as well as cultural homes that have interiors that are centered on relaxing colors, sounds, and moods. Many people believe a feng shui professional can also help you create a home that will bring in positive energy and deflect negative energy through placement of furniture and interior elements in your home.  Try these tips to bring you inner peace, and a home that you will rush home to!

Freshome reader’s do you have any Zen inspired decor tips to add to the list?