We received some fascinating accessories made by Tammy Roe for Sawbridge Studios from discarded metal that we just had to share. Here are some words about the person behind tjis unique projects. “Eco-Artist Tammy Roe is on the hunt, proving one man’s trash can be another woman’s treasure.This former graphic designer and mom of three tossed aside her fonts, paper samples and color charts to instead strap-on a pair of goggles, fire-up a welding torch and head to the local dumpster. Tammy now spends hours combing through scrapyards, discovering and reclaiming the industrial objects that inspire her one-of-a-kind, heavy-metal masterpieces. Working in a medium of nuts, bolts, washers, hinges, metal tools and gages, Tammy carefully arranges and fuses each creation, breathing new life into discarded everyday objects transformed into detailed and amazing sculpture.” How do you feel about this type of accessories? Would you consider having them in your home?