Thank you Freshome reader’s for participating in the GiftCardRescue giveaway for a chance at an Amazon $100.00 gift card! You all came up with creative answers, as we asked you, “What would you spend 100.00 on?” from the available retailers on their site.

GiftCardRescue is an online marketplace for people to buy and sell gift cards at discounted prices. GiftCardRescue buys unwanted gift cards from people and then sells them on its website for up to 30% off the face value.

The Winner is:

Mari Doug

Her winning response:

‘I’d get a Lowe’s Gift Card. Last year my nephew received a chick for Easter. Personally, I’m not a fan of giving animals as gifts without careful consideration of the child’s age and maturity. But, his extended family thought it would be cute to include a chick in his Easter Basket.

Nephew adored the chick on the first day, but predictably lost interest as the chick lost his yellow fuzz and his adult plumage and ornery temperament grew in.
Nephew’s mom was not amused by the chick’s inability to be house trained.

Before long, the poor thing ended up in the garage with little interaction. My DH and I are animal lovers and whenever we’d visit we’d play with Ollie (the chick), and even fostered him at our home for a time. But, whenever we brought up adopting Ollie, nephew would get upset and say it was HIS chicken (even though he’s rather play on his PS3 than with Ollie).

There wasn’t much we could do to help Ollie. Until recently, when we received a call that Ollie gotten out and pecked apart her flower beds and scratched up their lawn. They’d had enough, and asked if we would still like to adopt Ollie.
DH went right over, and picked up Ollie. She’s in our basement right now. We’ve had her three days now, and she is a joy. I swear, she has the same emotional range as a dog, and she loves to cuddle! I guess this is because they’re social animals?

Anyway, I if I were to win a Lowe’s card I would use it to buy materials to build a chicken coop for Ollie. I think she would enjoy being outside in a spacious coop, where she could enjoy scratching for grubs and seeds in the sunshine.

I hope I win and thanks for the opportunity!”

Official Rules:

1.) To enter the giveaway, visit:, look at the cards that are available on the site, and choose a retailer that you would love to have a $100.00 gift card from.

2.) Write in the Freshome comments section below, the retailer that you chose, and what you would buy with your gift card from that retailer if you won!

3.) The winner will be chosen from the most clever and original comments. All comments must be left in this post comments section. Liking this post on Facebook will get you a second vote, but the original must be on the Freshome site.

4.) The winner will be announced on Monday, March 14th.

5.) The winner will win a $100.00 gift card to Amazon. (You are not winning the retailer’s gift card you choose for your answering the giveaway.)

6.) The winner will have 24 hours to contact us to claim your prize.