We have to say we featured quite a few odd looking speakers on Freshome, but this we did not expect. Seen on Incredible Things, the Sneaker Speakers were born by transforming a simple white-on-white pair of Air Force 1 (the famous shoes branded “Nike”) into an intriguing sound system. The makeover was conducted by Alex Nash also known as Nashmoney, a London designer hooked on athletic footwear. With integrated speakers, knobs, dials and input sockets, this set seems to have all it takes in order to get a party going. To top it all, each sneaker has its own classy wooden support, an addition that looks interesting to say the least. So if at first the idea of working at a laptop between two shoes didn’t seem so appealing, after analyzing the add-ons that these sneakers were supplied with, we have to say we are definitely for. What is your stand?