As fall sets in and the colorful summer flowers disappear, the interiors of your home can start to feel gloomy when you look outside. If you were to close your eyes and imagine a warm tropical island, wouldn’t that start making you feel warmer? Tropical colors in fresh water blues, bright sunny yellows, and lush greens can make your home feel warmer and brighten up your spirits through the cold. Here are some tips for bringing those warm colors and aesthetics into your home.

  • Pull from experience: Have you been on a vacation recently that you want to evoke the feelings you had when you visited? Have you sat and daydreamed about tropical places but never get there? Your home is the perfect place to pull in memories and start new ones. Use photographs from vacations, online magazines and travel brochures to get your creative juices going! Get inspired for colors to use and patterns to include in your space.
  • Go bold: Bright and tropical colors can be bold and bright to match your personality and style. Consider buying wall paper or wall murals that have splashes of bright color or depict a tropical vibe. Choose a color from your wallpaper and paint adjacent walls a subdued version of that color to bring all the walls together harmoniously rather than haphazardly!
  • Don’t be shy of patterns: How about taking your colors into your textiles and furniture fabrics? These are great places to mix and match solids and patterns to give a casual and upbeat sense to your interiors. Use tropical colors that cover the rainbow – or pick your favorites and go wild with them! If you prefer patterns but not so bold, choose neutral colored fabrics to pair up with a few patterned accessories like pillows and area rugs.
  • Stay soft: Even though you enjoy tropical colors, the big and bold versions aren’t for everyone. If you prefer a lighter and softer version, then use muted versions of turquoise, yellows and greens. Sky blue, butter yellow and sage green can now be your tropical color palette to warm up your space. Have one favorite color? Use tone on tone decorating style and choose a bold color and then use lighter shades of the same color throughout your home, perfect.
  • Be eclectic: The wonderful thing about the tropics is they can be as formal or casual as you want them to be. Pull in ideas, colors and textures from multiple places. The bohemian lifestyle can also be incorporated in your home. The mixing and matching of patterns, colors, cultures, and textures is what makes your home come alive. Try these in your home, and see how the dull outdoors pales in comparison to the inside of your home!

Tropical colors can make you and your guests feel teleported to another land when you’re in your home. Whether your style is bold or subtle, formal or casual, the colors can fit your lifestyle perfectly. For added inspiration visit home stores that specialize in affordable imported décor from other countries. They will give you ideas, and you may just bring home a few hidden treasures!

Freshome reader’s do you like tropical colors in your home? If you do, tell us how you’d incorporate them into your home.