Once a new member comes into the family, you need to be prepared. This is what happened with the beautiful house in McMahon’s Point: a family of three became larger and needed to have their residence altered to fit the new lifestyle. They chose Stanic Harding Architecture to make their dream happen. Being a a Californian bungalow located in a conservation zone under North Sydney Councils control, the residence had to be renovated according to strict specifications but also taking into account the family’s needs. The zinc facade in the rear garden adds glamour to the modern shape of the building. With a new roof in the backside, opened to the northern sky, the residence received a stylish silhouette.

The architects explain their choices: “The concept developed into one that by definition wore two faces, one that presented a well mannered side to the street being recessive, setback and allowing the existing house to be clearly legible and thereby by reinforcing the conservation zone streetscape objective and the other that was designed to relate to the small rear yard and present an elevational treatment that was in away an expression of the sectional view of the addition. The interior spaces have been adjusted to improve function and allow for considered connection to new outdoor living areas. Existing elements of worth have been incorporated into the design scheme, the bay window being an example.