Recycling has always been a fun activity but once you add creativity to a recycling idea, you get the Spinnaker, a classy and comfortable chair made from recycled boat sails. The chair is in trend with modern requirements of flexibility, functionality, comfort and design. A frame made from spring steel sustains the body of the chair and allows it to have flexibility and pliability. A cushion divided in three parts, each with a different degree of softness, ensures the right support for the body. The Spinnaker is adjustable and has a 360 degrees swing function, which allows multiple seating options. The cruising spinnaker sail served as inspiration for the design of the chair and the team even offers the opportunity to choose from a range of existing materials the perfect ones to construct your own chair. It was manufactured by the well known upholstery manufacturer, Hodnebo of Norway. The brief said “Create the relaxing feeling of sitting on a white cloud” and the design team managed to create a soft, comfortable product that can be enjoyed in any room of the house due to its modern appearance.