How long has it been since you had a crazy party in your home? We would like to make this post about fun and relaxation. These incredible looking handmade food rings were designed by SouZou Creations in Japan and can be bought online from Etsy, at a cost varying from $10 to $20. And being give that they have the ability of spicing things up, we think the “designs” are definitely worth it. As you can see, the rings are highly original, featuring various food courses and drinks, from pretzels to spaghetti and from the worldwide consumed Coke to milkshakes. The drinks even have decorations like small umbrellas and fruit. And did you happen to notice how intricate the plate designs are? We even saw a ring especially created for Halloween, featuring a few (not at all scary though) pumpkins. What do you think- cute or way too eccentric ?