Alyona Polianskaia has sent us photos and a description of her apartment: This post comes  from a young graphic designer couple in Toronto, Canada that see pride in decorating their living space. This 50 sq. m rental condo features a living room, bedroom, a den and a generous kitchen. The style is inspired by the couple’s cultures of Russia and Japan along with their love for clean and urban design. The living room colors are mainly black and white with splashes of pinks and reds in the playful artwork, furniture and accessories. Beautiful color contrasts are created by the ornate patterns in the living room and dining room seating areas. The daybed is custom upholstered in carefully selected patterns and textures as are the decorative cushions serving a purpose of a sofa and doubling as a guest sleeping arrangement.

The window features a cozy and stylish space as a reading nook and a kitty lounge area. The wall artwork seen in the living, dining and bedroom spaces beautifully reflects the owners’ lifestyle and taste. The dining room is inspired by the traditional Japanese setting with a modern take on minimalistic design, which further compliments the open concept of the principal living area. The den has been transformed into a functional dressing room with a nod to the Japanese design featured throughout the condo. We are looking forward to your comments and perhaps further suggestions on this unique looking crib. Thank you, Alyona!