Why should walls remain static and dull? On Freshome we try to gather a large variety of solutions that can transform a regular interior into a vivid work of art. For today we have a special suggestion. Charlotte Mann is a talented British artist who became famous due to her fascinating wall drawings and drawn room installations. Her work includes drawings of “rooms in room”, created with a black market on a white background. The scenes are characterized by a large density in details and- as one can see in the photos- by a scale of 1:1. Charlotte not only creates art installations for shows and presentations, but is also involved in several other projects (in 2008 she created wall drawings for the School of Life class room). From where we’re standing, her work looks absolutely amazing. We featured this post on our blog, as we believe this idea could be taken forward and applied to home decors. So Freshome readers, bring out your markers and put that creativity to work!