This imposing residence was designed by Michael Parks and is located in the Laurel Canyon section of Los Angeles’ Hollywood Hills. There is an interesting story about this residence which makes it stand out as a testament to forward-thinking, sleek, open, airy and inviting modern architecture. After seeing a few architecture plans that were above his budget and with a good contractor on board, Parks decided to remodel the house for himself. Here is more from the official press description: Parks faced countless challenges when he purchased the house:  severe dry rot and termite damage to every area of the wood, post and beam-built house; windows that did not connect with their frames; a poor floor plan with little worthwhile useable space and only one proper bedroom; a kitchen where Parks actually put his foot through the rotted floor; poor ventilation with no insulation and an oddly shaped lot coupled with difficult hillside conditions. But Parks looked past the dwelling’s numerous issues and instead saw incredible, unrealized potential. With impeccable proportions and bold geometry, Parks’ design uses the strategic and artful interplay between horizontal and vertical volumes to define the home’s appearance — engaging and heightening the senses of those who visit. We are absolutely amazed by the end results, especially when considering that this is Parks’ first home design. via Design Milk