The Russian Hill neighborhood, one of San Francisco’s original “Seven Hills”, is an urban community consisting of many young professionals who live their busy lives in this beautiful residential neighborhood. This is also the place where Zack|de Vito Architecture has finished redesigning the interiors of a beautiful high-rise apartment. Situated on the 19th floor of a residential building, the apartment measures 3,400 square feet, enough to be considered a luxurious retreat for the couple that inhabits it. The architects specially designed the apartment to elegantly display an art collection very dear to the two inhabitants. Another magnificent feature of the apartment that was fully explored by large windows is the incredible San Francisco Bay and downtown views. Here is how Zack|de Vito Architecture explains the work that went into creating a special place for the two art lovers: “Programmatically the main rooms were placed on the perimeter to access views and light while an inner “cube”, containing services and entertaining kitchen, anchors and connects the whole. Limited, yet repeating, materials and colors define and clarify spaces, while areas of poche act as containers for hidden storage and delineate transitions of spaces“.