Located in the Shibuya ward of Tokyo, this next building was constructed with a clear concept in mind: an angular, straight forward design, perfectly describing the new century that has already begun in architecture worldwide. Rising from the middle of the neighbourhood, the structure is actually an office building for the architecture firm that built it, encompassing a world of design ideas, as well as light and space manipulation. Constructed by Architect Label Xain (A.L.X.), the Sorte House is made from reinforced concrete and glazing. The four-storey building uses pure white to create a canvas for the architectural elements in order to express the minimalism surrounding its existence. The light plays with the walls during the day, as a dynamic expression of the building’s character. Asymmetrical shapes combine to form an interesting structure: the facade seems linear and simple compared to the intricate interiors. This is a structure filled with character, which was designed to be looked at from every angle, but never analyzed. Via Yatzer