Regardless of the time of the year, doesn’t it always seem like you are preparing for guests to stay at your home?

Let’s face it, you love to have people visit, but there’s extra preparation to be made when guests will be occupying your home. If you’re running around frantically trying to figure out where to start, here are some tips to help you. Relax! With this list, you’ll be prepared this time.

1. Get the guest room ready

The area of your home your guests will spend the most time is the guest room. Spend time in ensuring the room is ready. Start with decluttering and making room in closets and adequate space for suitcases and belongings. Put extra hangers in the closet, and clear out room in clothes dressers or armoires. Preferably buy new bed linen for the bed. If you would prefer to use existing linen, launder them right before your guest arrive. There is nothing more inviting than a fresh made bed for your guests to relax in.

2. Pay attention to the bathroom

When expecting guests to your home, the bathroom should be inviting, clean and offer a relaxing space to unwind and settle into your home. Similarly to bed linen, fresh bought or laundered towels and a clean and tidy bathroom is a must. If the bathroom is shared with other house members, have them keep their toiletries out of the way to make room for guest’s toiletries. Under the sink, or in a basket will help guests have maximum area to stretch out. For added comfort, make a “in case you forgot” basket with toiletries, shower cap, and razors.

3. Make it comfy and clutter-free

Guests like to stay at your home because you’ll offer them the ambiance and comfortable living that they can’t always get at a hotel. Take an assessment of your home to determine what areas of your home need decluttering. In the main living areas of your home, kid’s rooms, kitchen, and main eating areas are prime areas. If you have an entertaining room – declutter, and make sure there is adequate seating. In your dining area, plan in advance where everyone will sit, and if extra chairs or even tables will be necessary.

4. Extra touches go a long way

Welcoming visitors into your home can be made especially enjoyable with thoughtful gestures. If your guests have never visited your city before, assemble maps, restaurant, and city amenity guides for them in their guest bedroom. If children will be visiting, age appropriate toys, local inspired souvenirs are fun for children to take home. If you can, ask your guests before they arrive what their plans are for their stay. If they want to go sightseeing, plan in advance a few key places that your city is known for. These small gestures will welcome your guest’s instantly.

Preparing your home for guests doesn’t have to be complicated or even be a laborious task. Depending on how large your home is, where you plan on putting your guests, and what activities you have planned, your home may already be close to being ready. If you know that your home has a lot of work to be done, divide your time into sections and don’t try to tackle them all at once. The sooner you get it done, the more relaxed you’ll be when your guests arrive!

What do you do to get your home ready for guests?