We received an interesting apartment design from Sergey Serpuhov, art-director for ERGES, a company founded in Riga, Latvia. Here is the description and some photos: “This apartment is located in a house on the border of an old town and sea port zone. The view from the windows shows port docks, dry-cargo ships on a quay and passenger ships coming in the port. The customer is a bright an unusual personality, and likes adventures and traveling, but still appreciates home comfort. These factors made us create an interior brightly reflecting the personality of the owner and keeping the mysterious and intriguing environment of the location…Sharply thinking about planning design, we decided to fill our interior space with art objects and accessories, elegant and exotic decorations: glass column, bar, furniture with mirror elements, aquarium with reflection effect. We used the following materials: wood, glass, stainless steel, fur, natural stone. Our aim was to create a modern, comfortable, luxury interior design, which corresponded to the flat’s owner – a gentleman (an adventurer).”