In every home the ability to hold more storage, and display decor is a feat that isn’t always simple. Books, accessories and collectibles need a storage location and built-ins are a great way to accomplish just that. Built-ins – so called the name because the millwork is built within the wall is a good space saver as it doesn’t take up physical floor space. Depending on your decorative style built-ins can be modern and minimalistic or ornate with exquisite detailing. Here are a few ways built-ins can maximize your space and help you display your high school track trophies at the same time!

  • Adding functional storage to your bedroom: Built-ins can offer display, or they can offer beautiful storage behind closed doors. Consider adding a wardrobe closet to your bedroom using wood and door pulls to suit your decorative style. Set off the area with accent lighting, and a custom wardrobe area has just been created. Built-ins should look as if they were erected with the house. Follow cues in your adjacent furniture, to blend styles, colors, and details together. The pulled together look will interior design inspired!
  • Bookshelves that add flair: If you’re looking for your bookshelves to offer more than just storage, built-ins are a nice option. Whether you are decorating around a fireplace, a master bed, or in a children’s room, use built-ins as display and as a visual focal point. Add glass, or open up the opposite side to an adjoining room for visual separation and shared real estate for décor. If you’re handy around the home, custom carpentry built-ins are a nice addition to any room.
  • Built-ins can be used for the kitchen: Also, consider using built-ins in areas that are unconventional, like the kitchen. Many appliance manufacturers have turned to “built-in” or “flush” appliance applications that leaves a more seamless and custom look to your kitchen. If you favor this decorative style, find out if cabinetry can be built around your appliances, or opt for a kitchen designer to help you plan the perfect application.
  • Organize your home office: If your home office is like everyone else’s, space for the computer accessories, books, and decorative display can look haphazard if not addressed properly. Built-in shelving helps give an updated and functional appeal to your home office. For smaller rooms, have holes drilled into the back of the shelving to enable office, audio, and computer equipment to seamlessly sit ‘within’ your walls.  You will be surprised how much floor space you gain, and a decorative color palette can be used to compliment with the rest of your home office.

Built-ins can be utilized in every room in your home. From maximizing space to allowing you to display and store easier, built-ins are a creative solution to space concerns. To save money and have a color coordinated palette, consider using a paint scheme that highlights your built in area.  Use a darker or lighter complimentary color within the niche to bring instant visual interest to your built-ins. Also try using built-ins in your bathroom, you will love what you can store in them!

Freshome reader’s where do you use built-ins in your home? Have any ideas that we’ve missed?