After putting together a list with 10 most interesting architecture projects of 2010, we decided to take this idea further and also display a countdown of the best apartments in 2010, according to your Facebook shares, as they are currently registered on Freshome. You can click on every picture for more photos & details about each loft. Here they are:

#10. We begin our list with this stylish apartment by UNStudio located in downtown Manhattan, New York. Called The Collector’s Loft, this beautiful crib combines the elegance of an art gallery with the coziness of a common apartment. The owner wanted a special place for depositing his books and different artifacts he had collected throughout the years, a crib that would offer him the comfort of interacting with art.

#9. Red Nest is an ingenious apartment located in Paris. Envisioned by designer Paul Coudamy,  this original project houses a bedroom, a dressing area and a home office, all “squeezed” into just 23 square meters. This red and white apartment features incredible solutions that counterweight the lack of space, turning it into an ideal home, without making any compromises regarding style or function.

#8. Here is a delightful and spectacular looking apartment located in Darlinghurst, New South Wales, Australia. Designed by Weir Phillips Architects, this three bedroom apartment bursts with freedom and craziness, which is what inspired us to say that this is the ultimate bachelor’s crib. The living room is the focal point of the house and accommodates some of the wackiest elements this loft has to offer, such as a SPA and a BBQ section. Other spectacular features of this apartment include a retractable roof, a concrete floor, a large study area and an indoor office with abundant storage space, intriguing art works and many, many more.

#7. This 94 square meter apartment has a privileged location on the corner of the building. You are looking at a nicely arranged flat (where else but in Sweden?) with three rooms, one beside the park, with unobstructed views over the green expanse outside, and one facing the street, while the kitchen overlooks the pleasant and peaceful courtyard. Appealing indeed.

#6. Everyone loves a home with a view! This incredible apartment in Darling Point, Sydney has an incredible location which allows its inhabitants to enjoy stunning views of the harbor and Opera House. This apartment takes up the whole 16?th floor of a circular tower, which makes things… panoramic.

#5. In one of the most populated cities in the world, where 30 square meter apartments are a way of living, one has to be creative. How many rooms can fit in a 30 sq meters apartment? One? Ok, maybe two, if you count the hallway. Prepare to get shocked: Gary Chang managed to fit 24 rooms in such a place and each and everyone of them has its unique personality. Be sure to click the photo below and go to the original post for more information on this unique project.

#4. My Life in 80m² is an ingenious residential living project meant to demonstrate that the size of a crib has little to do with the comfort and design quality it can provide. This idea comes from Italian company Poliform and its originality can be found in a series of unusual combinations of elements and colors.

#3. This next exquisite penthouse comes from the amazing collection of Sotheby`s for sale portfolio. Located in New York City`s gorgeous TriBeCa neighborhood , the luxurious penthouse apartment has an extended space that measures over 10,000 square feet, all designed and carefully maintained so that luxury can be recognized in every corner.

#2. Your second best happens to be a beautiful small apartment (61 sqare meters) located in Sweden. You are looking at a crib that is perfect for socializing but also for meditation in solitude. The color palette is cheerful, yet subtle and tasteful. With wide and spacious interiors, this home looks very warm and inviting.

#1. Looks familiar? This crib was unofficially voted the best apartment of 2010 by our Freshome readers and it is a project that manages to maximize space and create a cozy living environment as well. The East Village Studio comes from JPDA Architects, stretches over an area of 46 square meters (500 square feet) and was built as a little “nest” for the owners who also work here. It has all the utilities a common looking contemporary home has and dare we say a lot more.