Adding wood accents is a simple and guaranteed method to upgrading an interior. It is a known fact that wood brings warmth to a place, while in the same time contributing to an overall feeling of refinement. You’ve read about more and more creative ideas on Freshome which center around this material, but we bet you didn’t see this coming. The new freestanding Yuma Art Tub 180 from BluBleu is enriched with a stylish wood paneling that adds a natural, soothing look. Moreover, once this tub is in place, it is very easy to decorate around it (we particularly like the wooden chairs in the pictures below, as they look handmade and have a few practical features). The original wooden panels come in Wenge or Teak finishes, making a pleasant contrast with the white acrylic interior of the tub. We believe “chic” is the word, right?- via Trendir