The presence of light furniture in a room can make it feel bright and cheery. The ability to transform a space from dull and closed in can instantly change with light furniture. For some warmer climates, lighter furniture makes the home feel cooler and more inviting. While even in colder climates, wintry whites and creamy neutrals are inviting too. To make your home feel brighter and more inviting, use these tips to see how light furniture can help.

  • Make up for lack of natural light: In many homes the lack of windows and natural light sources are at a minimum. Light furniture helps make darker rooms brighter and will help reflect artificial light and make the space feel more relaxing. Lighter furniture can also be paired with darker accessories to add visual interest. Try using darker throw pillows, accent rugs, and varying tones of neutrals paired with the darker colors. The layering of colors allows the eye to not get tired of only one type of tones, visually making your space feel cozy.
  • A small space will feel larger: If your room lacks space, or you want to give the illusion of more room, lighter furniture will help. Consider buying only key furniture pieces, such as select seating and tables to maximize the walking circulation areas in a room. Pair light furniture with reflective surfaces such as glass and metallic’s in tables, accessories and wall art. Adding more reflectivity to your room will make the room feel lighter and therefore more spacious.
  • Use contrast to add visual interest: The combination of light and dark colors in a space is visually interesting and it adds sophistication and style to a room. For a modern touch to your space, use dark wood or concrete floors with light furniture to introduce a strong compliment of materials and colors. Use soft textiles like furry rugs and light window treatments to also help balance between dark, hard floors and light and soft furniture.  If you prefer an edge to your décor, a strong contrast is the way to achieve it.
  • Introduce color: One of the beautiful characteristics of using light furniture is the ability to introduce any color into your color palette. For interiors that want a more subdued feel, use tone on tone versions of pastels and muted colors. To make a statement use a color like red, blue or bright pink paired with beiges, whites, and khakis to tastefully bring in color, without blinding color additions.

If someone told you that you could transform your space with the introduction of one thing, wouldn’t you try it? Light furniture is that one way to make your space feel lighter, brighter and more appealing without even trying. If your space feels washed out by too much light furniture, introduce color filled art work to your walls and artisan art pieces. Often times one or two eye catching pieces are all you need to make light furniture blend seamlessly into your décor and lifestyle.

Freshome reader’s do you have light furniture in your home? What are the pros and cons? Some think it’s too hard to keep clean, while others love the airy feel it brings to their space. What do you think?