Surrounded by an incredible natural landscape, this imposing studio by architect Todd Saunders was erected on the Fogo Island, in Canada, right on the outskirts of Newfoundland.  The surface of the structure is quite small – 120 m2, but this is not an impediment for the architectural features to fully hit the eye. In an environment where people have lived for ages in close contact with nature, the Fogo Long Studio has the courage to break through the traditional character of the insular area. This building is the first in a series of structures financed by a foundation which promotes the arts. Under the foundation`s care, there will be a series of singular structures built in remote parts of the island. Dark on the outside, but bright and white on the inside, the Fogo Long Studio looks a lot larger than it actually is. The private spaces and storage areas were grouped at one end in order to maintain a smooth and clean design line and also offer an apparently large open interior. The backside of the structure rests on the ground, while the part closer to the ocean is supported by pillars. A great way to promote architecture and style, this project is bound to be a statement for the international architectural community. The telltale photos were taken by Bent Rene Synnevag. – Via