Combining an interesting mixture of hard stone and lush vegetation, the setting in which the K3 House was constructed was optimistically embedded into the life of the home. Located in Sydney, Australia, this amazing structure moulded by the imagination of Bruce Stafford Architects draws its power from the life of the plants surrounding and protecting it. The renovation plan of the house centers around an internal courtyard. A connection between the outside and the inside is established by the large sliding glass doors that open up the living space facing the courtyard. All the rooms enjoy the luscious panorama because of their orientation towards north. A luxurious pool is separated from the rest of the courtyard by glass half walls. Wood is used inside and out: it has a calming effect that contrasts with the metal and glass surfaces. A large entertaining area on the deck continues inside, into the living area. This is where the family gathers and spends quality time together. But once the evening is over, the parents retreat in the master suite pavillion, where they can quitely enjoy the panorama.