The bedroom is supposed to be the most important room of the house. Revigorating and relaxing at the same time, the sleeping quarters must initiate feelings of happiness. If you like sun pieces of furniture, this next bedside table duo will surely get your attention. The name, “Socks”, is inspired by the fact that these two bedside tables are used in pairs, like everyday socks. Spanish designers from Merry Design Studio propose a duo of birch bedside tables to brighten up every morning. The natural wood body of the Socks rests on four cone like legs dressed in recycled plastic from the textile industry – another reference to socks. These plastic coverings are interchangeable and can be replaced at any time with little effort. An interesting turn is given by the face like design of the duo – they look like sad and astounded faces. The duality of the design also allows the bedside tables to be used in a modern bedroom as well as children`s rooms.