These unusual looking ceramic tiles come from Nendo and present a really cool hidden function. Thickening the list of unusual speaker designs on Freshome, these unique works have an interesting story behind. Former Japan footballer Nakata Hidetoshi contacted five curators in order to stimulate traditional crafts in Japan. Each of them named one designer and one ceramists that formed a team and worked on a single, unique piece. Nendo was invited to collaborate with Mitsuke Masayasu ( a skillful potter) and the result consisted in the speakers seen below. Here is more from Nendo’s official site: “We decided to complement the infinitely sophisticated, elaborate lines of Mitsuke’s red-glaze designs by fusing them with the infinite sophistication of digital manufacturing techniques to create a set of high-end audio speakers in 1mm thick ceramic substrate.” A revolutionary way to listen to your favorite music, wouldn’t you say?