This private residence, the H House by WRB Architects in the archipelago of Stockholm is a perfect balance of architectural elements that protect the structure from the harsh climate. Corridors for the wind were created when the architects created the H shaped house concept. They took advantaje of nature`s elements and bended them into an amazing shape. An open fireplace helps extend the summers by creating a link between the outside and the inside with the help of a covered patio area with one wall. Concrete and rusty steel were the prime materials for the outside of the building. The interior – exterior game with water and the fireplace resulted in a construction story of elements: fire, water, wind and the plain earth and ocean. The terrace protected from three sides offers a short summer enjoyment period but the sunny days are enjoyed to the fullest with the magnificent view.

On the inside, the home has a very contemporary feel and bright furniture contrasts with the dark decorations to accentuate the idea of light and dark from near the arctic circle. materials used on the outside, like untreated pine wood and oiled wenge come to life on the inside through the wooden flooring. The half-inside terrace gives room to the sun to make his way through the cladding and warm up the entire house. Light is caught all throughout the day by the huge windows and a clear view of the ocean. Concrete and wood, light and darkness, water, fire and fresh air – all these elements give life to this amzing home in Sweden.