Architects Arjen Reas must have had their hands full with the inhabitants of this contemporary semi-secluded home, on the outskirts of Zoetermeer, the Netherlands. The initial briefing contained the family`s need to have an amazingly intricate concept of traditional and contemporary design mixed together. They also wanted this combination to be constructed exactly where the city ends and the farmland begins. The clients were amazed with the results: a modern creation combining white plaster and haystacks. The fusion between contemporary design and traditional taste gave birth to a mixture of simplicity, durability and expression. The compact haystacks not only make a statement at the edge of the city, but also create a very comfortable, safe environment.

The interior features of this “nature meets city” home are a combination of modern opened space and traditional materials. The entrance sits next to the sloped driveway to the garage, where there are two more storage rooms and stair to the first level. From outside, a large dining room opens into a fully equipped kitchen. The living room is a beautifully decorated gateway to the backyard patio. This is where all the tranquillity pours in to relax the family. A patio so beautiful, it could very well be a reason to “dine out” every night. On the first floor there also is a bathroom, a scullery, a wardrobe and a stairwell that leads to the second floor. Here we find a master bedroom, a bathroom and three more bedrooms. The beautiful landscape can be enjoyed from either the master bedroom or the upstairs bathroom. This house is a perfect combination of old and new, of urban and rural.