Casa Je, designed by Humberto Hermeto, lies on a 3160 m2 terrain in Nova Lima, Brazil. It was constructed like a multi-functional structure: an entertaining space at the ground level, a comfortable resting space with bedrooms at the next level and an art studio and gallery at the bottom level. The house was constructed on a slope, so it was the perfect terrain for the beautifully constructed and designed home that meets the client`s needs. Built on 1240 m2, the house placed on a hill overlooks an amazing valley, so it needed to take advantage of all the features of the terrain. An elevator connects the different levels of the residence. The central core of the house is the residential level, which is distributed under a continuous 81 meters roof.

Amazing landscapes can be enjoyed from any room in the house. The main entrance sits above a set of stairs that leads to an incredible porch at the back of the house. This deck covers the art gallery and extends into the backyard where the architects built a pool and the garden area. Exterior colours and textures continue on the inside, where they melt into an interior design that is best suited for strong, artistic individuals. Large floor to ceiling windows offer views of the mountains nearby and build a great desire of breathing in natural shapes and fresh air. Concrete and wood used to build the home was softened by red accents all throughout the garden as a reminder of the strong personality the house radiates. Even the large doors of the gallery are painted red as a reminder of the border between art and nature.